Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tips to Selling Yourself

Optimism always wins. What makes pessimists different from optimists like you?  It is most of the time not the way they feel, but rather often the way they think.  Fear is sometimes self-fulfilling when they already see a frightful future ahead– one based on a negative outcome.  And the irony is that when you say, “I’ve blown it,” you’re probably right.

Consider the example of the mispronounced client name: If the pessimist sees this as such a disaster that he or she begins avoiding contact with the client, this action may indeed bring about the feared result – the loss of the account.

Passion fuels performance.  Love what you do, or find a way to make YOU believe it.  Love the feeling is the fruit of love the verb; and sometimes you forget that passion is the fire that fuels our own personal and professional development.

Persistence is above all. This is the most technical tip I have to offer, but develop your skills and use the language of ownership.  In other words, be intentional and eventually you will be more effective in selling (yourself) to clients.