Friday, November 18, 2011

Dealing With An Overwhelming Workload

  • Press the pause button! Yep, that’s right.  Take a moment and breathe.  Stop thinking about the big picture and all the things you have to accomplish today.   If you focus on the list, you’ll continue to feel overwhelmed and unproductive. Pause and regroup.
  • Organize & Prioritize It’s time to make a plan and organize your to do list.  Reorder your tasks and plan to complete the most important items first.  When you focus on one task as a time, the overwhelming feeling goes away.
  • Hit it & get it Now that you have organized your task list, set forward to tackle and achieve.  You should no longer feel rushed because you are focusing on one task at a time.  You can do this, and not feel fried and overworked in the process.
  • Don’t forget to pause for the cause Every hour or so, take a 5 minute break.  Free your mind, and try not to think about the tasks as hand.
The most important thing to remember is that you are in control.  Stop thinking about the big picture and break it down.  When you start to feel the stress creeping back, take a breather.  If you allow yourself to work in “stress mode” it will effect your quality of work and most importantly, your health.

I’ll close with my favorite thought: “Promise only what you can deliver, and deliver more than you promise!”

-Todd Hudak, The EnterTrainer