Monday, October 10, 2011

Six Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is The Way To Go

By 2012, more than 80% of businesses will use social media marketing. If you don’t believe it, look around you! Social media marketing is everywhere: on commercials, on cereal boxes, on ticket stubs, on the check-out screen at Kohls, on programs, on flyers, on business cards: the virtual age is here ladies and gentleman, and it’s here to stay!

Our question is, are you ready for it? Are you connecting with your customers the right way? Are you even on the social media sphere? If not, are you ready to fight an uphill battle just claim your virtual space and connect with your clients? It’s time to jump on the bus now … otherwise, you’ll be left in the dust with ineffective, old school techniques.

Because so many of us know so little about e-marketing and virtual tends, it isn’t a shock that a pretty large amount of people  need to be convinced that a website is necessary, let alone social media marketing. So, to help make that decision a little easier for some of you, or maybe to settle some of your minds that have jumped the bandwagon, but aren’t completely sure why yet, we compiled a list of 6 reasons why social media marketing, in the right industry, can make your virtual and physical presence in your community soar.
  1. It is the quickest growing effetive inbound marketing tool: as we said before, now you either jump on or watch it pass you by
  2. It’s quick: you can be up and running within hours … that sure beats print!
  3. It’s instant- feedback & interactivity are literally “the click of a button” away: Connect with your customers instantly- thank them for their business and reply to their comments within minutes
  4. It improves search results: Simply put, Google, Bing, MSN … all of them give you major props for social media marketing and thus give your website higher rankings
  5. It allows you to stay ahead of the completition: most businesses have yet to “claim” their virtual space: It’s true!  Though it’s the quickest moving trend in advertising right now, there are still tons of businesses yet to take the leap
  6. It’s cost effective: Obviously, we recommend that you at least consult someone with training in social media marketing to form a strategy, but other than that, social media accounts are free–impressions are FREE