Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Over analyse and become paralyzed

So many times I work with people that want to run every scenario in the book on why the customer wont buy. Why the customer wont make an appointment, Why the customer cant by. WHY, WHY, WHY... Then when they finally make the call the number is disconnected or it goes to a voice mail.

It's so hard sometimes to just go with it!  Just put faith in yourself and do what is required.

It will all workout in the end

Todd Hudak
The Entertrainer
PS. A rolling stone gathers no moss

Monday, June 15, 2015

Today is your day!

Today is your day!
Have you ever decided to start something new and today is the day. The minute you wake up things are going to change. Then you wake up and nothing changed and you feel worse then you did.

It's hard to change habits.

You didn't gets where you are in one day or one morning so expecting a complete change is setting yourself up for failure.

Break it down to ONE small change.

I am going to run a marathon tomorrow. Right!

I am going to walk for 5 minutes every day for 1 week. There you go.

It's something to start out with and it is achievable so when you complete the task you will feel better.

The next week bump it to 10 minutes per day for 1 week. Good luck!

The Entertrainer

PS. That is how I did my first marathon!